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At least this is the path that she is heading down. She is all the talk of all the news and Hollywood rags today. Larry King Live was on earlier and I was listening to it in the background. Even before I saw his face on the screen, I came to the conclusion that Lindsay is the new Robert Downey Jr.

no.jpgThe parallels are there.

She parties too much, she blames her lack of ability to work on exhaustion, yet we all know its comes from her partying too much. Which in turn makes her an unreliable actress. Movie studio executives and directors have commented on her pathetic work ethic. Remember the smoking gun last year with the letter from the Morgan Creek Executive flaming her? I do.

Really she needs that 90-day mandatory jail time. She is not over her addiction. After those 90 days she needs to go to a real rehab center, because obviously Promises is NOT the place you go to if you are serious about being clean and sober. HELLO, they let you check in and out as you wish and you can use your blackberry or iPhone while you are in.

Trust me, I know people with addictions and have been in rehab. Each and every one of them went away and were disconnected from the world and HAD to stay.

Lindsay, you are going down that sad, sad path. Were you will be living with Paris 20 years from now, like Corey Haim is living with Corey Feldman because you will be fat and bloated from your dried up career and wasting all your money on drugs. At least they backed out of the spotlight… until now… but I don’t want to tangent too much, but have you heard about the new show “The Two Coreys“?

Save yourself now before you do a “Breaking Bonaduce” or “Shooting Sizemore”.

I should also add “The Soup”, showed Lindsay out of rehab in their top stories, exclaiming “Mission Accomplished”, then Joel McHale tossed his keys and asked his car to be moved off the street. Not like it was hard to predict this one… who knew it would only be a matter of days. Guess that Britney alcohol monitoring device failed after all.

digg_url = “http://digg.com/celebrity/Lindsay_Lohan_is_the_New_Robert_Downey_Jr”;

Are you watching? Are you taking action?
Have you converted to lower energy lightbulbs?
Do you recycle?
Do you run your dishwasher and wash your clothes at night?
Do you pitch in and help keep your neighborhood green?
Do you reuse your coffee mug at work and on the go?
Do you carpool or take mass transportation to work or school?

These are just a few of the little things you can do to help Save Our Earth.
Find out more and make the pledge

Blog Readers: Tell me what you are doing to make the change?

I can’t believe I just saw the Spinal Tap reunion with every bass player in the world. If that can happen, we can make the world a better place.

And don’t forget, save water, shower with a friend!

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