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Get to Know Andrea

Andrea R. Baker is a Web 2.0 (Social Software) evangelist and mentor for the masses. She is the Director of Technology for Navstar, Inc. located in Vienna, Virginia.

Skilled in multiple languages (computer and foreign), Andrea enjoys listening to industrial music and driving for relaxation.

Andrea also maintains the twitter.com/thebeltway (your personalized traffic to your phone) and twitter.com/opm (unofficial and not-affiliated) feeds.

Andrea is also a Zombie!



1 Response to "Get to Know Andrea"

Hey andrea, I had a friend in middle school named Stefano Davenport. i went to GW middle in Alexandria Virginia, anyway i search for his name everywhere on Face, Myspace. No luck. so i stumbled across one of your blogs that had the name in it. wondered if maybe you know him and how i can find him?

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Blog Notice to Readers

This is the personal blog of Andrea R. Baker. The views expressed within this blog are not representative of her employer, Navstar Inc. or any other professional association.

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While I may post and discuss the social web on this blog, please refer to my professional blog for my thoughts on Enterprise 2.0 and the workplace.

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