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How Do You Know When the Pope is Choking?

Posted on: April 22, 2008

Before you get into this blog post and assume anything, know these facts:

  • I am not Catholic, I am a Lutheran
  • I believe and have faith
  • I have been to the Vatican and had a rosary blessed by the Pope John Paul II (Spring of 1993)
  • I am not making fun
  • I want to know more, I want to know the answers

Why did I write this blog? Well I have questions and living so close to Andrews Air Force Base, I got to see the fiasco of the crowds and the possible motorcade routes the Pope would take on his way to the Nunciature (the Vatican Embassy in DC). It was a beautiful spring day, like the angels were smiling on the area in a way to greet the holy entourage. The fanfare was wild as the community swarmed the intersections near the base along with the press and metropolitan police forces. I saw people with banners, posters, and shirts with the Pope’s likeness.

Last week when His Holiness, the Pope came to town for his birthday, the White House had a “State Dinner”, but the Pope, the guest of honor, did not attend. Why not? Because the Pope does not eat in the presence of others. Photo to the right courtesy of soldiermediacenter on flickr.comThe Pope arrives at Andrews Air Force Base

So this got me thinking. What other special rules does the Pope have set upon him? If the Pope chokes while he is eating alone and no one is around to give him the Heimlich maneuver then does he believe in divine intervention to save him? Does he have a bell to ring or a way to get anyone’s attention in the next room? Does he wear a medic alert bracelet? What happens if he falls and cannot get up?

Another stream of thoughts, I had came from when he was sitting on the most gorgeous, beautiful, not a cloud in the sky sunny day in Washington D.C on April 17th for his mass at Nationals Stadium. Does the Pope wear sunscreen? I mean those white robes and cross on his chest are a sun reflecting portable tanning booth. Are God’s rays of sunshine safe on the skin of the Holy Father?

And if all this was true, that God is protecting the Papacy, then why must there be a need for all the security and the protection riding around in a “Popemobile”?

I know he is a man of great importance, but he is the ultimate living symbol of the Christian faith of the belief in God and as that symbol, do you think that if you were pope and you believed in the Lord that you would have to live behind a glass shield or would you live life as any man, woman, or child on Earth and believe when it was your time to go, you would go?

Just something to think about. Just some things I have been thinking about. If you stumble upon this blog and you have a thought, I would love to hear it.


5 Responses to "How Do You Know When the Pope is Choking?"

You don’t know the first thing about God, either do I. the difference is I know it.

I never stated that I know anything about God. This was a think piece, a blog of questions. I stated I believe in God and that should be enough.

Funny stuff… I think when it comes to any of the “faith that God will protect you” vs. “take measures to protect myself,” I end up drawing the line at “Use the brain God’s given you to take sensible measures to protect yourself, but then relax and know that God will protect you.” In other words, go swimming in the ocean (if you know how to swim), but don’t go night-swimming alone and be surprised when your stupidity has consequences!

As for the Pope being the “ultimate living symbol of the Christian faith,” I’ll respectfully (but vehemently) disagree!

“Because the Pope does not eat in the presence of others.”

False. That statement is so inane I can’t believe it gets repeated by intelligent people. Unlike his predecessor, the Holy Father avoids fancy dinners whenever possible. He prefers simpler meals with close friends and associates.

The Pope is head of a man made organization that has very little to do with the ‘God’ that they flaunt. All one has to do is look at their doctrine and check it against the Bible and you will see the connections are blurred at best.
The Pope is not a man of God,but a head of the Catholic organization.A powerful and decieving entity for many many years.

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