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In Memoriam: Vicki Susan Davenport

Posted on: June 21, 2007

This was my day today, how its unfolding:

My mom just called, I normally don’t answer my phone so early, because I sleep in until 9am or so because I don’t have to be at work until 11am.

Anyways, she called, because my aunt, her sister is dead. Police called the other sister, my other aunt (godmother) who is deaf, so my cousin called my mom. I have no details yet of her passing. I am going nuts right now not knowing. My mom is alone at home in PA and my Grandmother had just extended her vacation in Cairo – Who knows if she knows yet. My aunt and I used to be close, but I never felt we healed from our rift when she was living here and I kicked her out for stealing and her alcoholism. Last I saw her was at Easter when the family got together for dinner. She wasn’t looking good. Days later she was admitted to the hospital for some mysterious condition, almost dying, but she recovered. After her release, days later from that, she totaled her car, but survived. Much in pain, she was prescribed some serious drugs and went back to using narcotics again. But she was doing better lately.

So as I said, I don’t know what happened. I have been used to her abusing her body for so long that my godmother, said to me 2 years ago, that she had a feeling she would die before 50. I think she was 49.

This afternoon…

So this is what I have found out, my aunt was in the hospital earlier this week and was released yesterday for what I am hearing is low oxygen in her blood. She was asthmatic and a smoker so it doesn’t surprise me she was having problems breathing. Anyways, its unclear at this time, if she was properly released from Fairfax Hospital or if she checked herself out or what. Her boyfriend said he saw her in the bathroom around 2am, but did not go in to check on her. When he woke up @ 6am to go to work, that’s when he found her dead. So she died between 2am-6am.

Apparently she called my mother and my godmother-aunt several times last night, but my godmother-aunt’s husband kept hanging up on her. My mother tried calling her back, but only got her voicemail.

My grandmother, is aware of everything now, but does not know if she can handle flying back from Cairo with my aunt and uncle who live out there at this time. This might be the very thing that could break her heart and never recover from.

I believe there will be no autopsy, though I think their should be one. Her son’s father, said her heart just stopped.

I mean she knew she shouldn’t smoke, she knew it. She tried to quit, but she was such an addict it was impossible for her. It’s so sad when you see it all coming, you just can’t believe the day it does happen.

This is a clear testament why I do not smoke, why no one should smoke. I am going to donate to a charity in her name and I am going to suggest family and friends do the same. I will be setting it up online and will blog again with the web address and steps to donate.

With all the troubles Vicki has had over the years, one thing that has remained is that she was always a true and caring person. She was truly beautiful and had the eye to make others beautiful. I am going to also see if I can get some pictures of her and scan them in to do a slide show tribute to her. She truly was gorgeous.

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8 Responses to "In Memoriam: Vicki Susan Davenport"

Oh Annie…..I am so sorry. Oh my god….

I’m sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to your grandmother in Cairo. No mother should have to bear this kind of loss.

I am so sorry to hear this!!! I hope that your grandmom is okay, too. As well as all of you and your family. My heart aches for you guys.

You and your family are in my thoughts and in my prayers.

My Dearest Rose….such a sad time for you and the family. I remember Vicky as the bright thought in a day long ago. The stories she could tell and the fun she had. I will miss her presence in this world and look for the day when she and all the souls of the earch and heavens are reunited. Bless you my sweetie.
Love Dad

I was a friend of your Aunt Vicki’s from when she was clean and in recovery in the 90’s. We are all greatly saddened to hear the news of her passing. She was loved. When she was an active member of our 12 step fellowship, she was a brilliant shining light. Her joy and enthusiasm lit up the room and she helped many people find and stay on the path of recovery from addiction. Her memory will continue to help me stay clean.
Please give our best to Stefano and the rest of your family.

Jimi S

I knew Vicki in the eighties and early nineties from when she dated my brother. My folks and I genuinely cared for her as she was a genuinely lovely soul. We were very fond of her and quite saddened to hear that she passed.

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